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Last Resting Place
gone from our home but not from our hearts
Tayport Cemetry
Captain James Urquhart Anderson Clunie
  Robina Williamson Clunie
The Grave stone of James + Robina , and five of there children .
Buried here is James
Robina Clunie
,Also their son  James
 their daughter Robina
  Their daughters  Joan , Eva ,
Jessie's have their ashes 
 Scattered here
grave tayport
James and Robina had two other children ,
 Thomas Clunie & Gourlay Clunie
Thomas was buried in Fuji 1966
Gourlay  was Cremated at Warriston Crematorium  in Edinburgh 1959
Photos of  Tayport Cemetery
tayport cemetry
tayport cemetry

View from Tayport Cemetery
view tayportview tayportview tayport

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