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Gourlay Ross nee Clunie

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15th January
Granny GourlayGourlay Williamson Clunie was born 26th August 1883 in Inchrye, Abdie, Fife Scotland to
 James Urquhart Anderson Clunie and Robina Williamson.

The parents of Gourlay were James Urquhart Anderson Clunie, a shipping manager,
and Robina Williamson.  Gourlay was born on 26th August 1883 at Aldie, Fife.
James U.A. Clunie and Robina Williamson were married on November 14th 1881 at Aldie.
She married Frank Ross 26th August 1910 at 11 ward Road, St Mary (district) , Dundee
ourlay Allan & Gourlay Clunie, Abt 1903


Reverse side
Wreath by Gourlay
Wreath made by
Gourlay Ross (Clunie)
 Made of Flowers and Fern
Miss Clunie
Ladybank Fife
Some of the paper work left by Granny (Robina C McInnes) belonged to Gourlay .She was ovbiously intrested in the Family History aswell, I have a letter that shows she was trying to trace information about the Anderson's from Orkney.

I often wonder how much she knew??!!

his is a letter addressed to Mrs Ross (Gourlay) It was sent by a gentleman called Jim. The letter shows the interest in Orkney and the Andersons. The letter refers to a photo off Baby McInnes, Possibly it was Frances McInnes
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letter to mrs ross
A copy off the letter Jim refers to in his letter to Mrs Ross (Gourlay).
The letter is addressed to a Mr Mooney

Copy of page one off the MSS Mr Mooney Asked Jim to look over .
If you would like to read all the MSS please Contact me

Gourlay Williamson Clunie Died 12th November 1959 age 76 at 29 Craigmiller Park, Edinburgh ,
Gourlay Williamson Ross of 18 Macdowall Road , Edinburgh
Was cremated at Warriston Crematorium on 14th November 1959. The applicant for the cremation was John B. Ross of Bradenham Road, High Wycombe. The ashes were dispersed within the grounds of Warriston Crematorium
written by Kerry Farrington

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