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Newington Cemetery
Great Great Grandfather James McInnes and Marion McInnes (Inkster) Marion was James's 3rd wife.
Documents I have:click Pictures to enlarge

Envelope Front Cover Receipt Regulations Document
Envelope showing two dates
of burials
 Marion McInnes (Inkster)
 James McInnes
Front   page to the Right of Burial
James McInnes

Receipt for James McInnes's Funeral

Regulations for the Edinburgh Cemeterys

 Minutes of Directors....

These Documents bring me to Newington Cemetery Edinburgh. Looking for James McInnes and Marion Inkster his third wife. Thinking this would be the easiest search with all the information I had gathered, this was not to be. Unlike my other visits to cemeterys this was going to be the saddest of all . I sent some emails to check out the details I had. My first disappointment was from an email from Mortonhall Crematorium  who hold records for 39 cemeteries within Edinburgh,  informing me there was no grave stone  for my request but gave me the names of the two graves either side and a map of the area.

Newington Map

My second disappointment was finding the terrible state the graveyard was in .Photos  . A lot of the grave stones were broken or knocked over. The ground is very uneven and the ivy is taken over. I follow the map to the plot aim looking for ,       
Possible Marion Grave JCC Stone

This is it ! or is it ?
At first look , at least there was something , but there are two small stones in the right and left top corners with the initials  J,S,C . I would have hoped they had been J,M (James Mcinnes) . I am puzzled but still trying to investigate.

Newington Cemetery Photos

Entering Newington The entrance to Newington cemetery    newington cemetry Starting to follow map to the plot I am looking for.
Possible Marion Grave Possible Marion Grave JCC Stone JCC Stone

Ivy covered stone Ivy covered stone Fallen Stones Fallen Stones
The Ivy is taking over Broken and fallen stones

Last Updated 13th February 2016