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Hi Everyone,
 Please help identify these photographs; any information on the people, places or subject would be appreciated.
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Unknown Person

very special children

 This Photograph
 printed on thin metal

Baker Street LondonUnknown Person

Very Special Children From the Shetlands

5 Old Ladys
Royal Navy
 volunteer reserve
November 1931
Taken from the Maples
5 ladyssoldier Ship

Reverse side of Photo
first troutRobina Clunie McInnes nee Ross.
Who is the Man ?
Where was the
photo taken ?

This photo is badly damaged, Have a look at the photo Here
taken by john

old lady is Robina Clunie (Williamson)
Bob, Gourlay ,Renie , Jenny

Who is Bob ?

Robina's first trout !

Taken by John
Mcinnes Family
Aunt Lizzie
Mcinnes FamilyCaption on back of photograph:
McInnes Family  & Granny Mac's sisters family (Romanis)

Do you recognise anyone ?
Aunt LizzieCaption on back of photograph:
Auntie Lizzie ,Malul & James  Romanis

Who is Aunt Lizzie ?
Jemima + ladysJemima McInnes(Johnson)
 is the youngest in this Photograph ,
not identified other ladys yet.

Do you know ?

Have you Got an Idea !!
 Or do you Know ?
  Let me Know ,

Last Updated 7th  February  2017