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alastair f mcinnes These Photos belonged to my grandfather
 Dr Alastair Fraser McInnes
 Everyone called him

South Georgia
1st Guy Mac

On Ship

mac on leftmac mcinnesmac mcinnes
Mac on LeftMac on LeftMac on the Right
man on ship

men on ship
men on ship

Men on ship
man wi camera 2
man steering ship
mac camera
Man looking through sextant
Man steering ship
Mac looking through sextant

On land

mac mcinnesmac mcinnesmac outside houseoutside
Mac on the RightMac on the LeftMac on LeftOutside
whale bone
Whale Bone
house mountain

This image shows Leith Harbour whaling station at South Georgia. From left to right you can see the piggery where they kept pigs for fresh meat, some stores and a garage and the slaughter house. Behind this is a large building which was one of the Barracks where the men stayed. The large building with the white gable end facing the camera was the hospital and they had excellent facilities. In the background on the left you can see a series of chimneys from the boiler house which powered the plant which processed the whale to extract oil. You can also see a very large tank and this was the pump house.  The stations were pretty self-sufficient, having everything they needed to maintain and repair machinery and ships as well as having everything that was needed to sustain the hundreds of men who worked there.  There was even a cinema, a football pitch and a library as part of the recreation facilities although many men were working 12 hours days.

This also shows Leith Harbour whaling station. It was run by the Christian Salvesen whaling company and most of the British employess worked here or on ships that operated from here.  storm
Stormy weather

Stormy weather

view 3

This is a very typical view of South Georgia with the mountains jutting straight up from the sea.

View 3

view 2view 4view 5snow fall
View 2View 4View 5Snowfall 


This images shows a large whale on the flensing plan, possibly at Leith Harbour, South Georgia.


Shows King Penguins in an enclosure at Leith Harbour. The whales ate penguin eggs, and occasionally penguin meat but they also brought penguins back to the Zoo in Edinburgh. In the background you can see a large oil tank (with the conical roof) and many barrels stacked up.

King Penguins

penguin 4penguin3penguin 2
Gentoo Penguins
Macaroni Penguinspenguin 2

viewShows a number of small whale catchers at anchor in South Georgia. Some catchers operated out of the station and others operated further afield bringing whales to the whale factory ship which could process the whales while at sea.

pic whalling ship
Ship 2

Visiting Shacklton Grave
 South georgia

shackleton graveshackleton graveshackleton graveshack grave4

Sir Ernest Shackleton

Crossing the Equator

passing the equatorpassing the equatorcrossing the equatorpossible blackprince
The Navy have a tradition when crossing the equator . I belive this crossing was with the Royal Navy
hong kongair craft carriersingapore
Hong Kong U,S,
Aircraft carrier Hong Kong

poss afm
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soldiers 5
car soldier

Do you Know ?

three kids
at table
soldier 2

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