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James gourlay allan James Allan Married Gourlay Williamson
 Stepfather to Robina Williamson Father to
Elizabeth, James + Gourlay.
Died aged 99 .
5 gourleys Gourlay W Clunie ( Ross )
Gourlay Allan  (Cranna )
Gourlay Williamson (Allan )
Gourlay Whitehead ( McBay )
Gourlay W Gilmour  (Johnston )
James + Gourley

5 Gourlay's
Gourlay allan Gourlay clunie
Gourlay Allan
, Daughter of  James Allan +
Gourlay Williamson .Step Sister to Robina

Elizabeth Allan Elizabeth Allan , Daughter of James Allan +
Gorlay Williamson .Step Sister to Robina
Gourlay Allan & Gourlay Clunie, Abt 1903
Elizabeth Allan

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